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Speedway Cycles “Fatback” Product Shoot

In mid-December I had the opportunity to do a product shoot for Speedway Cycles in Anchorage of their “Fatbacksnow bike (note: different website than the shop) product line.

I wasn’t given a lot of criteria ahead of time of exactly what they wanted shot so I planned to shoot everything from fully assembled bikes to components.. needless to say I brought A LOT of stuff and took up about a 1/4 of the store with my backdrop and paper setup but over the course of the couple hour shoot I think I got some good images and after wards purchased a “Fatback” snow bike myself. Most of my time was spent shooting individual components in groups and individually. After getting everything setup.. I started shooting “small to big”.

Hubs: These are the Hadley anodized hubs, there is also a couple other hub options not pictured.

Forks: Carbon, Aluminum, & original steel forks designed by Greg at Speedway.

Snow Bike Centered Wheelsets using the standard non-Hadley wheelsets.

Frames: Note there are 3 different sized frames and two frame styles pictured which made it difficult to frame and align; but was the color selection based on what was currently available in stock in the store at the time. They had a fully assembled pink one as well in the store as well, and the current year frames were also available in a gold and red like appeared and was reviewed in Dirt Rag magazine; but were completely sold out.

Frame: I actually ended up buying this frame at the end of the shoot, an Anodized Blue Aluminum frame.


I was really hoping to photograph some complete bikes against both a black and a white backdrop, but their priority was to get this original steel frame design and the Ti Fatback with the new Carbon Fork.  There is a complete bike photo of my Anodized Aluminum frame Fatback also below.

My Fatback with the frame pictured earlier, it was delivered in Mid-January. After bringing it home I setup in the studio for a very quick shoot and photograph it before even heading out on my first ride. I had also ordered the blue anodized Hadley hubs pictured above, but at the time of publishing still hadn’t received them yet and the latest update is that they are ‘supposed’ to ship on March 7th, 2011. So we will see.. I guess I will have a new sew of wheels for next season as the set currently on the bike are a lender set of wheels. Once I have my permanent wheelset with the blue hubs and the other upgrades I have put on it since the first day I brought the Fatback home I will be definitely be doing another shoot of it and I will post new pics then.

The Fatback seems to be the snow bike of choice here in Anchorage, I also know several people who have purchased one and maybe I can talk them into letting me set their bike up in my studio to get a few shots.

All in all I had a lot of fun shooting the Fatback and hope to get the opportunity again to shoot for the shop or others.

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