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December 2010 Vacation / San Diego – Part 2 of 5

December 20th = 336 Miles Driven; ~6 miles walked

San Diego Zoo

When we arrived at the Tiger area we thought tourists were throwing the tiger hotdogs or something.. then under the poncho we noticed it was actually a zoo keeper. The tiger seemed very used to the routine and acted like a dog begging for treats at the dinner table but was still very cool. The roar the tiger made was amazing and unique and nothing like what I thought it might sound like in real life.

The San Diego Zoo is famous for its Pandas and we happened to get to there right as they were feeding them. It was pretty amazing to see them take a large piece of bamboo and shred it into splinters into just minutes. Apparently they have bamboo vomit balls a couple times a years similar to a hair ball that is made up of all of the fine pieces of bamboo their bodies couldn’t process.

We wanted to ride the tram over the zoo… but due to the wind, fog,  and rain they closed it.

The Hippos were HUGE.. and we didn’t see them out of the water but they leaned up against the glass. Kat made several Hungry Hungry Hippo comments.

The warning signs around the zoo were pretty amusing.. lots of things bite.. a few thing charge.. and even a few things spray.

I had no idea lions sprayed…. 7-10 feet even…

California 2010 December Storms

About one or two in the afternoon the rain and wind were picking up and so we decided we had enough of the rain and decided to go to the one place where we hoped it wasn’t raining. The desert of Vegas… the complete opposite direction of where we planned to go and where we had just come from.

Unfortunately it took us about 9 hours to get there at times moving 30 mph or coming to a complete stop.

In an attempt to pass the time, we started exploring the XM radio.. and discovered XM 248. It was both entertaining and just stupid. When we first found out “Whoretalk” or something like that was on which was entertaining and a bit informative.. but every subsequent turn to the station was the ‘jerkbox’. Which is by far is the dumbest radio program I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening too..

End of Day Summary

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