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December 2010 Vacation: Pacific Coast Highway to Reno 5 of 6

Pacific Coast Highway – December 24, 2010

Note: Decided to split post 4 into two posts to get it out sooner; so reason from title change from “of 5” to “of 6”.

Pacific Coast Highway

-Re-Routes & Closed State Parks.

Our plans were to drive up the coast along the Pacific Coast Highway, hit a few beaches, and just enjoy the day hopefully. The plan quickly did not pan out. Just north of Malibu was our first detour getting turned around due to the mudslides. So on the way back to where we could go around we tried going to a state park beach just north of Malibu and were greeted by two park ranges at the gate who simply said

California State Park Rangers: “Why are you here?”

us: “to go to the park”

California State Park Rangers: “I mean are you here for a specific reason?”

Us: “Umm.. to go to the beach”.

California State Park Rangers: “do you have an invitation?”

Us: “Huh?”

California State Park Rangers: “There is a private event here today you can’t come here.”

Us: “Isn’t thisĀ  a State Park?”

California State Park Rangers: “Yes.. but it has been rented and you will have to turn around go somewhere else.”

They then didn’t even want us to pull forward and have us back out onto the highway.. unfortunately we couldn’t as by that time a few Mercedes and a few other cars had lined up behind us so they let us do a 3 point turn to turn around.

This is how our day started.. and quickly turned into a series of up and over mountain passes back to the main highway and every subsequent attempt to get back on the PCH ended up with us getting re-routed in some way or another.

So this license plate we saw heading out from Anaheim should have us warned what the day was going to be like.

We did actually make it to one nice beach (Pismo Beach) on the PCH right before dusk successfully. We were greeted with this sign and that the beach may be closed at any time. By this time we had also lost the nice sun we started the day with had gone.. but we still walked up and down the beach for about an hour.

Around dark it started to rain again and it was Xmas eve and we were starting to get hungry. Unfortunately things were already starting to close so we hit a Safeway and a Big Lots as that was about all that was open.

-So this is what drive for the day looked like.. minus some of the back and forth weaving we did on the route that I lost a bit track of at a certain point. So minimally about 400 miles covered.

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