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Multi-Use Blog

Originally dedicated as my photography site I have decided I have a few two many sites to maintain for the update frequency of them and am going to consolidate to this site. The theme of this website will still remain largely photography oriented but will also start to cover other topics in technology and general data analysis, analytics, mining, security, processing (ETL), and other professional interest ramblings.

With that.. and the consolidated sites, domains, and other functions I hope to actually find some time to also finally go back and fill in the back posts I previously mentioned I planned to do.


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Delays in host move

There was some delays in the host move, migration should be complete in the next few weeks.

If you get a page that does not load, reload it with if you came to this site via another URL.


Hosting Transition in Progress

In the process of transitioning the hosting of this site from one location to another to resolve a couple of issues. Currently trying to get both sites up and running independently so when the cutover occurs there is a smooth transition.


Design & Layout still in progress

The new website design and layout of the new site design is still in progress and so working out a few of those things before making any additional updates. Homepage design and look and feel are what I am focusing on right now.