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Eagle River Nature Center on a Cloudy Day

Today I accompanied my wife on a nice 3 mile snowshoeing trip that she chaperoned for the school she works at. The area didn’t get direct sun but the fresh snow really made for some picturesque moments other than the just really bad light.

I unfortunately happened to leave my memory card for 5D2 in the car and so it was a decent trial of the new IR camera I received this week. The new one is a Canon T2i converted to 630nm. I chose this range as the previous 720nm one I more frequently ended up with zombie looking portraits because the makeup absorbed vs. reflected the light and the previous 630nm one I had seemed like a good middle ground.

So I snapped a few shots in the far from optimal conditions for IR photography and am moderately pleased considering the conditions for these results nearly out of camera though there is definite room for improvement.

While I was also out at the Nature Center I inquired about Snow Biking, which I got a pretty firm “No” to and generally biking is not allowed on the trails they maintain period. I pushed a little bit though pointing out that there are snow machine trails there too.. and then they said.. if Chugach opens up the area to snow machining there is no issue with snow biking those specific trails when run basically the stream path.

Another tidbit to share is that the person working the counter of the Eagle River Nature center is one of the ranger / guides that works out at McNeil River during the summer, Tony.


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Basic New Website Framework in Place

Over the last several months I really haven’t had a lot of time to work on the website, but spent a few hours today to get it back to a mostly functional state. I believe using the new layout, though far from done, it is an a significant improvement over the old site design that wasn’t really that functional.

I chose to use SlideShowPro Director and Graph Paper Press’s “Modularity” themes for now until to get my functional, and for a few hours of playing with settings I am pretty content on the direction of the site.

Now that it is at least partially functional, I hope to start updating the blog at least every other week, if not more often.


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Design & Layout still in progress

The new website design and layout of the new site design is still in progress and so working out a few of those things before making any additional updates. Homepage design and look and feel are what I am focusing on right now.


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New Website Build in Progress as of 7/30/2010

I am currently transforming my website into a photo-blog format website. In the mean time if you are looking for my galleries and examples of my work many can be found here.

The following are links to some of my galleries.

All Photos in my portfolios are available for purchase.  

Some additional examples of my photography can be found at:

Christopher S.
07/31/2010 12:14am

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Welcome to Grilleflame Photography ; the Photos of Christopher R. Souser

Welcome to Grilleflame Photography,
The photography website of Christopher R Souser.

My goal is to convey thoughts and ideas that I see through imagery using journalistic and artistic styles of photography.

I focus on Jounalistic Event, Sports, and Studio photography as well as a good deal of nature photography because of the opportunities available in AK. I also have interests in capturing many other things in their natural state.

I proudly a 20 year resident of Anchorage, Alaska and am a licensed Alaska Business and active in the photography community.

I am available for hire for all occasions and types of photography work. Please check my services tab for additional information.

I can be contacted at or at 907-929-7231

Some additional examples of my photography can be found at:

-Initial Blog Entry for testing and general design of the page.

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