Welcome to Grilleflame Photography,
The photography website of Christopher R Souser.

My goal is to convey thoughts and ideas that I see through imagery using journalistic and artistic styles.

I focus on primarily various forms of photographing people, as well taking advantage of the nature photography opportunities available in AK.
I also have interests in capturing many other things in their natural state.

I proudly live in Anchorage, Alaska and am a licensed Alaska Business and active in the photography community. I have lived here since 1991.
I am have about a dozen published photos on my tear sheet that is primarily my outdoor work, but also have some published commercial work.

I am available for hire for all occasions and types of photography work.
I can be contacted at crsouser @ grilleflame.com or at 907-929-7231 (note phone may forward)

Some additional examples of my photography can be found at:

* My Sporting Events: GotTrailPhoto.com
* Flickr Account (CRSouser)
* Model Mayhem (Portfolio 178397).
* One Model Place (Portfolio 161991)