December 2010 Vacation / Las Vegas – Part 3 of 5

December 21st-December 22nd: ~262 miles driven; 15-20 miles walked.

Walking the Strip

The strip in the fog and light rain was relatively photogenic and provided for some neat opportunities.

The Luxor

Planet Hollywood

New York, New York

The Cosmopolitan, The Jockey Club, & the Bellagio on the edge of the frame.

The Bellagio’s water shows played about ever 15 minutes. but were only about 3-4 long at most.

A lot of opportunities for extended exposures.

Hey.. it is Santa on ‘the Strip’ in the rain.

Where not to buy tickets.

We unfortunately learned like most not so frequent Vegas visitors probably also learned, the discount ticket places on the strip aren’t much of a savings and their posted prices on the screens don’t reflect the prices for tickets actually available for the immediate shows.. and with the ‘convenience’ fee the tickets actually can end up being more expensive than actually buying them at the respective box office. The one thing I will give them though is that you are able to get tickets for everything you want to see in a single place… though just about anyplace at any hotel provides the same opportunity.

Bodies Exhibit

The ‘Bodies’ exhibit, appropriately at the hotel shaped like a pyramid was a highlight of the time in Vegas. Photography wasn’t allowed inside of the exhibit, but it was pretty cool to see the human body in some many separate pieces and how they removed outer layers to better display the interior parts. in their original position. My only complaint about it was that it was almost entirely male specimens and only had a room dedicated to the women and another small (but optional) to the developing fetus / babies. I would have liked to see more on the actual reproductive systems, a display of body fat between man and women, and more examples of disease on the body. I was also surprised that there wasn’t any ‘smell’ and it was room temperature in the exhibit as I believe most of the exhibits were actually ‘plasticized’ or ‘silicazed’ .. and probably more so than flesh though some of the exhibits are starting to degrade.

Another of the Luxor..

Peep Show ; starring Holly Madison.

The other show we saw was “Peep Show” at the Planet Hollywood.

Prior to the show we ate at Planet Dailies.. the food and service were both aweful. I only mention it as it may be convenient.. but I would suggest just avoiding it.

“Peep Show” was a series of slightly naughty versions of common fairy tales. It was both entertaining and funny at times.

Kat doesn’t have much tolerance for nudity.. and the show itself had ‘regular’ topless nudity.. but honestly except for a few occassions it really wasn’t adding anything to the show and seemed more like a ‘hey we hadn’t shown any boobs in a few minutes so we should show some for 30 seconds’. Other live shows I’ve seen with nudity in them it at least added something or was timed and integrated a bit better into the show.

The headliner ‘Holly Madison’ I didn’t think had much of a role in the show other than mostly standing around and ‘looking pretty’ and at a few times showing her boobs. There were a lot of other really talented actresses in actresses though in the show. The one male in the show was extremely talented and impressive.

Was it worth it.. absolutely.. would I see it again.. probably.. but there is a long list of other shows I’d want to see first.

Attempt to go to Valley of Fire; Rain & Flooding

The original plan for the departure out of Vegas on the way to Anaheim and stop by either Valley of Fire or a couple other photographic places along the way.. but when we headed out there was flood warnings in the Vegas area, some lanes/roads in Vegas itself were closed and more rain was supposedly on the way so we headed straight for Anaheim. On the way there we experienced the insane chaos of Xmas shopping at a large mall in Ontario California and stopped for some awesome Greek food in a small town near the CA/NV border that had just about every type of Greek food I had heard of and then some; that was coincidentally seemed to be all staffed with Latinos. Once we checked into our hotel we took a nap and then went and saw Black Swan; an excellent but suspenseful movie.

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